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We work with top and middle management professionals with an average of 15+ years of experience.

We have experts for creating powerful LinkedIn profiles and executive CVs that get results. Regarding your professional identity, you can trust us to help you put your best foot forward.

  • Our team is here to nurture your career confidence, build the executive career you want and ensure the next job is the perfect fit for you.

We help you recognize your strengths, experience and career possibilities and to reach your career goals FASTER!

Get confident.
Get noticed.
Get hired.


  • Leader´s Branding as a Service (1 month)
    Kaukinen’s career development & recruitment experts commercialize your experience to your potential employer and help you understand your value on the Finnish job market.

    This service is suitable for you if you want to
    • evaluate your strengths, motivation and career opportunities
    • build your professional brand
    • update you photos
    • build the career strategy
    • update your CV and LinkedIn profile to boost your chances of getting noticed and founded by headhunters

    You will get your career confidence boosted and the tools necessary for your next career step
  • Leader´s Employment as a Service ( 4 months)
    This includes all the Branding as a Service package and more:
    • motivation test and recruitment assessment
    • continuous CV and application reviews and advisory
    • interview mentoring (every time you need it)
    • mock interviews with a recruiter or a headhunter
    • job-hunting process reflections
    • LinkedIn posting support
    • crisis and decision-making support
    Our goal is to make sure you:
    • apply for the positions that fit to your career goals and ambitions
    • get a job offer according to your values, motivation, cultural fit, and ambitions.
    • succeed in job hunting and career changes in the future.
Thanks to you, I realised that I have a wide range of knowledge and valuable experience to help other industries! Thank you for showing my competitive advantages and my real strengths. I truly felt your passion and heart for helping executive generalists! My CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are now ready and now all it will take is for me to use them wisely.

HR Director, Construction Industy

About us


Hi, I am Julia Kaukinen, founder of this Executive Career Consultancy Agency. I am a certified Executive Career Consultant, CV writer and LinkedIn-profile writer (NCOPE). I specialize in Job Hunting for Leaders.

Our agency helps Top & Middle managers with job search, career change, and LinkedIn branding.

From our agency, you can find everything you need to succeed in your next career move.

Client´s feedback

I had real challenges in finding the right words to explain my professional background. I came to Finland from abroad and developed my career within one company for over 10 years. I had different roles and at that time I was on the management board as Head of IT operations. So I was wondering what my other options in Finland were but I had no idea which jobs to apply for. After a free consultation with Julia, I ordered "Executive packaging" service.

I loved Julia’s honesty and how she opened my eyes. Her strategic thinking blew me away. She explained my HOT skills and experience to me and identified the concrete roles I could apply for. She also explained why I should not consider several types of companies. This was very important to hear. We optimised my LinkedIn profile. Then I started to get offers from headhunters! Julia helped me with my CV and cover letters too. I am very grateful for this service. I am now more confident talking about my career and experience. I am starting a great job in a company that suits me in terms of values, culture, and attitude.

I clearly understood that with a professional you save time and are prevented from making mistakes. I admire Julia for her knowledge and passion to help us leaders in such confidential issues. THANK YOU

Head of IT, 44, Timo, soon to be VP of IT Development.

Our team is here for you!

You can get help and support in your career change stage from CV writers, LinkedIn writers, Headhunters, Voice and Presentation Coaches, Career and Leadership Coaches, Photographers, Stylists, Make-up artists, and even ghostwriters for your possible book.

Anne Henriksson

Chief Growth & Customer officer

[email protected]


Business Coach, experienced Business Development Leader, helping us with sales and customer experience improvements.

Tiina Panula

Chief Customer Branding Officer

[email protected]


Executive Career Consultant,

Branding as a Service Leader

Julia Kaukinen

Chief Employment Success Officer

[email protected]


Executive Career Consultant

Employment as a Service Leader

Client´s feedback

I needed help with my CV and cover letter. From our free consultation, I knew that Julia was the right person to help me. I liked her straightforwardness, honesty and ability to see me from a different perspective. I was impressed with her ability to show me my career options according to my strengths after our in-depth interview session.

She brought up skills that I did not even value before and taught me how to wisely present my experience to headhunters and in LinkedIn

I have recommended Julia to all of my friends and former executive colleagues which are planning career moves or are searching for job search.

Sales Director, Hospitality & Tourism